Best Diet on the Planet

Intermittent Fasting


For the last few decades, dieting has been a popular topic. More recently, many has turn to a new alternative solution for achieving their goals. Intermittent fasting has help many people change the way they eat, leading to an improvement in composition, feeling better, and weight loss.

Intermittent Fasting is an eating system that cycles between fasting periods and eating periods, aiming to decrease the total calorie intake. When it comes to eating periods there is little to no limits on what to eat but there are specifications on the when is the proper time to eat.

The benefits

Many studies has shown that the intermittent fasting can bring positive results physically and mentally.  An effective fasting regime will change eating habits for the better such as an increase of self-control. There is also an increase of appreciation for food for its quality, not quantity. Also, an interest for healthy meals will naturally build and influence meal choices

By keeping a regular eating patterns, daily or weekly, the body will learn to consistently operate in a way that will benefit a person’s health. In other words, it will cleanse the system to get rid of anything that will slow it down from following that pattern. It will also affect the fat burning process. Once the eating period has ended, the calories that was consumed will be burned quickly during the fasting period instead of being stored as fat.

Different Methods

There are many methods to intermittent fasting and many methods can be used for beginners. Although the idea might sound daunting, most people naturally fast. Everyone is fasting during their sleep. Extending the fasting period can be as simple as avoiding eating before and after sleep.

When it comes to fasting during the day, hunger might be an issue in the beginning, but luckily there are many ways to face these challenges. Since there are many different health related goals, there are different fasting methods.

Lean Gains

This is for those who want to build muscle and burn fat. Fast for 14 to 16 hours every day, and eat for the 8 to 10 hours. Although there’s no eating at all during fasting period, there is no rule on when during the eating period food can be consumed. It is important to choose the right food that would fit the workout plan.

Eat Stop Eat

Whoever chooses this method must not eat for 24 hours once or twice a week. During the fasting period no food is consumed except for water, coffee, tea and other low calorie beverage. When the fasting is done, break it with an average meal. This is for those who don’t want to give up what their favorite food, but would like a much more energy and get into a healthier lifestyle. There is no calorie counts involved in this method and no food to avoid. The 2 cons of this method is that it is not easy for starters to go without food for 24 hours and it is easy to binge after 24 hours without food. Those two factors will need some practice and a building process of self-control which will come with time.

The Warrior Fasting

This is for people who like to push their selves to the limit since this method requires a lot of devotion. It consist of not eating for 20 hours and only eating one large meal every night. What can be eaten and when it’s eaten is also taken into consideration. Although it is a little tougher than other methods there is leeway. Fasting period is named the “Under Eating” period when raw fruits and veggies are acceptable. And eating period would be considered the “Over Eating” period where eating a large quantity is acceptable.

Many prefer this method for that bit of freedom, but due to the night time meal arrangement, many has also experience that this method can interfere with their lifestyle such as  social gatherings, family meals and other life obligations since it requires the eater to consume at night.

Up Day Down Day Fasting

This system is simple: eat one fifth of your usual calorie consumption one day, eat normally the next, repeat. If you are working out it would be best to go to the gym on the days you eat normally. This method is effective for weight loss but it will require calorie counts and a strong resistance to binge. This is a good method for beginners and allows them to challenge themselves mentally.


Though there are plenty more fasting methods, they all have a common denominators, the mindset that is required while going through the process. Think about fasting as taking a break from eating rather than deprivation. Start on a busy day to keep the mind off of thinking about food. Also physical activities and healthy eating are always great additions to get the full benefits at a faster rate.  It can be as small as hitting the gym two or three times a week.

As beneficial as it is for most, some might find it hard to adjust to fasting. If you have special dietary needs, any medical condition or chronic diseases, it would be best to consult a doctor before applying any methods. For those who are getting involved, it is important to remember that is a transformation of the entire body and it will take time to mold into the new system but every day will be a little easier and more improvements will be recognized.

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